New Beginnings – We Got Sam's!

In the past 11 years of being The Rock Community Church we have found ourselves in a variety of different places. Just in case you need a refresher, let me walk you through our journey as The Rock.

In 2004 The Rock was the newest church plant in Lakeland. We opened up our doors to families, but not your typical glass double doors you'd find at the front of a church, but the door of a cute house on Lake Hollingsworth Rd. The home of our pastors Monty and Kim Davis. On Wednesdays, youth would worship in their backyard and families would pack into the living room. It was intimate and our beginnings.

Not too long later, Gentry Morrison Funeral Home on Bartow Rd became our new temporary home. It was an interesting concept, worshipping the One who gives us life in a place where people mourn of the death of loved ones. It worked for us though.

March 2006 was the birth of a huge answered prayer for our church. We moved into Little Rock! To be able to have our own building, a sign by the road and everything was a giant blessing from God. We thrived and grew in Little Rock for several years, hosting our church services on Sunday morning, youth and children's on Wednesday night and several Sunday school classes and Bible studies. During our time in Little Rock we also acquired the Annex, which I suppose will forever be dubbed as the Annex. We weren't done growing yet though...

On March 6, 2011 we held our very first service in Big Rock, where we still worship today. Constructing the beautiful building we hold our worship services in every week was yet another answered prayer from the Lord. However, exciting things keep happening within the life of The Rock Community Church.

Not too long ago, we began praying for new facilities, feeling as if we needed to expand our campus. Let me tell you guys, the Lord's provision for us is insane. Knowing we started out in a backyard and funeral home (of all places) and now have acquired Sam's along with all the other facilities on our campus goes to show how GREAT God is.

The owner of Sam's was wanting to retire and decided to close his shop. With his closing he decided to sell it to The Rock and is extremely excited to see how we use his old space for our church body.

Now owning the entire strip where Sam's was previously located, was a cause for celebration and thanks be to God. On January 31st we held our "Breaking Fast" pancake breakfast to honor the new facility space and to reflect on our past 21 Days of Prayer. We had a great number of people come to dine on pancakes (specially made by the Men's Ministry) and to fellowship with one another. Our very own Dick Brimer led a discussion on our closing of the 21 Days of Prayer and led us all in a special prayer for what is to come for our new building.

As for the future of our new space, nothing has been set in stone just yet. A team will be assembled to brainstorm and pray over ideas of what we feel the Lord is leading us to fill that space with. As for now, we believe the space will provide a perfect spot for fellowship and worship for our families and children. Please join us in prayer on what specifically God is calling for us to put in there.

What a wild ride it has been! From our humble beginnings to our newest addition it truly is amazing to see how blessed The Rock is. God is good and we can't wait to see all the work He does through this new building.

To stay updated on construction and ideas for our new space keep checking back on our blog. We will be writing updates as they happen!